Pie in the Sky Foundation 2

Ugandans solving problems in their communities

We help groups of Ugandans who are trying to solve a problem in their communities and want to start income-generating projects to sustain those solutions.

For this fundraiser we've partnered with three community-based organizations that are taking care of orphaned and vulnerable children in their community. They do amazing work, but they have difficulty paying for everyday expenses, like food, medicine, clothing, rent, and school fees.

To make their projects more sustainable, these groups have planned income-generating projects. Two want to raise chickens, and the third wants to upgrade their performance equipment so that they can perform at bigger, more profitable venues, like weddings and special events.

We're so excited about these projects. You can learn more by reading 6 Easy Ways to Understand Pie in the Sky and other posts in the blog below. Thanks for your support!

- The Pie in the Sky Team

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